Feb 26, 2012

Nokia 101 Review, Basic and Staunch

The Nokia 101 is one of the earliest Dual Sim and Dual Standby phone from Nokia. Released in October, 2011, the phone is currently the most popular and hottest selling entry level dual handset in the market. I personally call it the best...

...here are some of the reasons why:

1. There is no other phone in its market bracket that can challenge its usefulness and reliability. The phone has all basic features, but apart from that, you are guaranteed with a good signal strength on both SIM cards, clearness of voice calls and easy messaging features such as the predictive text input, all mastered and perfected by Nokia for decades, unlike the rest (Chinese clones, etc.) which falters in signal after a month used, prevalent hazy voice calls and worst, confusing SMS input mechanism.

2. Simple user interface. Just like what they've been known for the longest time, Nokia made it sure that users will have no problem using and familiarizing the phone's dual mechanisms and overall features.

3. The phone is built-stamped with quality. Its wrap in plastic, yet very solid that you wont care dropping it even on hard surfaces. I dropped my phone several times, yet the phone still works perfectly fine. Try that on Chinese clones and you'll will get either broken screens, microphone, earpiece, antenna or all of the above, and what more, these clones won't be fixed, so you'll need to buy another unit again. It just need a plastic outer case since its not scratch proof.

4. One of the best asset of the phone is its T9 keypad, its rubberized, well spaced, well defined, well lighted and had a very good tactile feedback. The rubberized key mat is pleasurable to press and its not slippery unlike the shiny plastic key mat of Nokia X1-01.

5. Battery life is outstanding on the phone. On the average, the phone lasts for 4 days covering all my communication need, music and games. I often forgot the last day I charge it, thats how long the phone lasts on me.

6. Having a loudspeaker with 103phon will never leave you alert-less when you have upcoming calls or SMS. Its considerably loud that you can hear the phone in your pocket on a busy street or fill a moderate size room with sounds when playing music files.

7. Screen is only 1.8 inch with 128 x 160 pixels, but its well fitted from the background themes, screen backlights, to the text characters that makes the display viewable enough.

8. It has a Micro SD card slot that could support up to 16GB. Most of the phones with the same price bracket doesn’t even have SD cards or if supported, can only handle 2GB the most. With a micro SD slot, you can attached memory cards and add or play mp3 files all you want.

9. And talking about mp3 and music, the phone had a 3.5mm audio jack which is very rare on budget phones specially that most of them have reduce size and dimension that the manufacturers would rather squeeze in smaller connectors just to complement. The standard size connector would allow users to connect their own headphones to play music or FM radio.

10. Bright flashlight. As simple as it may seems but in third world countries like the Philippines, this feature is more than helpful to be ridiculed with. We usually have power shortages here every now and then so this feature helps a lot.

11. Seven pre-installed games to choose upon; Beach Rally - a car racing game, Keyboard Master - a game were you can play several instruments, Music League, Tone Wizard, Suduko and the all time favorite Snakes Xenzia. So its basically a gaming device that users can play all day through.

12. Useful productivity features such as the calculator, reminders, converter, spreadsheet, countdown timers, calendar, stopwatch and ringtone composer.

13. Last but not the least, the phones price is very affordable. At the moment, I can be brought for PhP1,460-1,560 or even lower on direct retailers.

Disadvantages of the phone:

1. The music player is too simple. Users cannot create playlist on it, just favorites that cannot be manage or arrange to preference.

2. I find the Inbox mechanism peculiar. The phone combines the inbox of two SIM cards, though it has markers per SIM, the side scroll marker on the right most side is very thin that its almost impossible to see. Users wont be able to know how far they have scrolled up or down.

3. No camera, it had become a basic feature nowadays even in entry level phones.

4. No PC connectivity

5. Limited customization, you can't add your own theme or wallpapers on it.

6. No Nokia store client, therefore users can't install additional apps on it.

Must Buy for:

1. New mobilephone users
2. Students
3. Business enthusiasts (Good phone for selling prepaid loads)
4. Professionals with tight budget (like me!)
5. Individuals who want a plain decent phone.
6. Individuals who don’t want to charge phones often.

To know the phones full specs, CLICK HERE!

Here are Part's 1 and 2 of my video walk-through with the phone. Enjoy!


Great review, bought mine in gaisano and it only cost me around 1,200+. Love the phone by the way and it's so durable!

Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.,orange mobiles

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