Jul 7, 2010

Nokia 2220 Slide Styler

My Nokia Story prize finally arrived last Saturday afternoon, a graphite colored variant of the stylish entry level slider. What I like about the phone is its design and the material that Nokia use in the front cover, it looks fairly good being glossy and gave the phone a solid impression besides its plastic frame. The back cover is matted plastic but it was well contoured that it doesn’t creak unlike other mobilephones with the same price point.

Users can easily grip the phone having a thin dimension of 97.4 by 47 by 15.9 mm with a weight of 93.5 grams, it’s as light as a normal remote control. The slide mechanism is also good giving a solid snap, users will feel secured sliding the phone whenever they want it. Sliding the phone up will show the neatly plastic matted and well positioned T9 buttons. Using it is glorious in the hand, has a good tactile feedback, and very soft to touch.

The color saturation of the screen is a looker, even though it has only a 65Thousand color, the screen emits good images giving a vibrant impression. The3D like wallpaper must have contributed to this but nonetheless it really stands out.

Being an entry level phone, its features are limited; it has only an 1.8 inches screen size with 128 by 160 pixels, 32MB of Memory, GPRS, EDGE, VGA Camera, Stereo FM, Music Player, Java among others. It has no Card slot, no Bluetooth, no 3G and no USB connectivity, updates and personalization purely depends on mobile internet connection via GPRS or EDGE but then considering its price of about PhP2,990 or more, this features were jewels to treasure.

Other unique and outstanding feature included the Nokia XpressAudio messaging that let users send audio messages, FM recording that allows users to record FM music, Voice memo, expressive color variants such as Hot Pink, Graphite, Turquoise, Warm Silver, Purple and Blue, among others.

The phone is clearly positioned for the young and hip market but I wouldn’t mind using it being young at heart, besides having a stylish phone at hand, the phone serve me best in delivering all of my basic communication needs.


How much is that?is it lower than 3 thousand?

hey kyledena

it depends on your location, here in my area, it currently cost at around 2600 c",

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