Jun 20, 2008



I'm 27 years old and living in the platonic province of Misamis Occidental, Philippines. I'm regular Hospital employee, a Law student, a Travel freak, a Mobile Phone and Gadget lover, a proud Nokia N8 owner, a Photo expert wannabee, Movie and Music enthusiast, a Handsome and Cute Dude, hahaha.

I started this blog for a lot of reasons, one primarily was for the love of my superphone, the Nokia N82, which inspired me to do a lot things beyond my musing having features and specifications that were apart from the rest. Because of the phone I get to love photography, traveling, discovering places, etc. I get to see a different perspective, like life, trials and fun around me, capturing and witnessing every moment of it like its passing with purpose. My Photo collection of anything down under just wont stop growing as well and since I couldn't keep them up to Kodak Gallery anymore because they were starting to ask for payment on save files, I got an idea of publishing them through Blogsites so it will stay within the realms forever.

I also broke up with my long time girlfriend during this time, so I was thinking of finding ways to divert my attention rather than feeling sorry for myself.

Whats else? Nah! you'll find out more if you'll follow my Blog religiously and I doubt you wont hahaha c", Please do! I've got some very interesting stuffs to share.

Scratch e-Pad!


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