Jun 20, 2008

Love Travel, From Ozamis City to Zamboanga City

Traveling had become one of my pastime aside from the fact that its part of my work and I have been loving every moment of it.

My blog will then feature helpful information as it describes ways on how, where, when and what to do upon traveling to the places that I have visited.

In today's blog, I'm going to give details regarding the best route in reaching Zamboanga City (Asia's Latin City) from Ozamis City.

Ozamis is a buzzling city of Misamis Occidental. It is considered as the gateway city of central mindanao as it has an airport serving Manila-Ozamis route via Air Philippines and a seaport with almost all shipping companies catering service from Manila, Cebu, Dumaguete among others.

From Ozamis City, you have to travel to Pagadian City first because there is no direct trip to Zamboanga City. The only mode of transport is thru a bus. The Rural Transit Mindanao Inc. is the only bus company that serves this route.

This is the Agora bus terminal with Rural Tours bus on the ally waiting for passengers.

Closer look to the Rural Transit Bus that travels
Ozamis - Pagadian route.

Aircon Bus: P 120.00
Non Aircon Bus: P 100.00

The time of travel is about 2hours in an aircon bus and about 3hours in a non aircon bus.

From the Agora bus terminal, the bus will unload you to the Pagadian Integrated Bus Terminal which is about 2 kms away from the city proper. It is where you can find bus that covers the Zamboanga route.

This is how the Pagadian City Integrated Bus Terminal looks at night with several stranded passengers sleeping on rented folding beds. Most of this passengers were bound to other destinations except Zamboanga City as the route serves at a 24hours basis.

There are actually a number of passengers that travels by night in the Pagadian-Zamboanga route since traveling time is shorter due to direct services offered by Rural Transit. They are by the way the only bus company again that serves this route. All thought there are small number of vans as competitors but their quite risky to ride on and very uncomfortable.

Fare Rates: Pagadian City - Zamboanga City
Airconditioned: P370.00
Non Airconditioned: P320.00
Traveling Time:
7hours for Airconditioned Bus Daytime
6hours Night time

8hours for Non Aircon Bus Daytime
7hours Night time

Upon reaching Zamboanga City, you well be unloaded in the Zamboanga City Guiwan Terminal. Its about 3kms away from the city proper so you have to ride in either a jeep that has a "Pueblo" sign in front or at the side or a motorela which is like a taxi that can take you wherever you want. Fare for the Jeep: P6.00 only while the motorela can cost you at around P30.00.

Well thats about it for now, my next blog will cover my stay in Zamboanga City. Places I visited, etc.

Gud Day to Everyone!


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hi just want to ask if you have rural transit's telephone number? it will be my first time to travel in mindanao, i just want to ask their schedule trip from dipolog to zamboanga city. thanks a lot =)

Sorry iammem I dont have a number of Rural Transit. c", Their trips to Zamboanga is an hourly basis up. They even have night trips.

I stayed in Royal Garden Hotel(Ozamiz City) for 3 days April 2009. I stayed in their most expensive suite costing P2850/night. The price is a rip-off. My girlfriend who is a local from (Ozamiz city) "highly" recommended it so I thought I had a good deal. The lobby seems nice but when I got to my room, The bed is old, the bedsheets are even older and dusty. The carpet is stained old and stingy and the aircon is horrible and noisy. The worst is the bathroom with no working shower handles. I have to shower with cold water because the shower handles doesnt work. Dont even think of sitting in their sofa, OMG!!! I am a frequest traveller all over the world and stayed in so many class of hotels. This hotel is so disgusting though it looks deceiving from the hotel lobby. I would not recommend staying in this hotel for its too pricey. The owner is putting a bad image to those potential travelers going your way. I also had a bad experience with your car rental P5000/day cmon, its just ozamiz city, its not Manila and not even close to comparison. I sent this email to my blogspot in craigslist hoping to deter all potential tourist coming your way to your nasty hotel

To Anonymous,

I understand your plea about the hotel's service and accommodation and you have all the reason to complain but what can you expect from a small city hotel, there services where only adopted to the local condition, on the other hand they must have at least a decent service to justify the cost, Php2800 is expensive enough.

And the car rental, that was to much also sir, you should have let your girlfriend handle the deal, they have asked a higher price because your a foreigner, that wouldn't even cause a 2 thousand. c",

Anyways sir, I'll forward your complaints to the hotel management so they could do something about it.

thanks. very helpful, im going to pagadian to godfather a college bud's first child and i'm planning to take a plane via cagayan on the way there so i can visit my friends in CDO and Iligan.. but i think it'll take up too much time so i'm taking the ozamis route on my return trip.. by the way i'm travelling alone and it would be my first time in these parts of mindanao.. should i be concerned? i hope it's not as dangerous as others believe it to be..


c", first of all, thanks for visiting the blog. regarding your concern about safety in the areas you mentioned, I would say that Cagayan De Oro, Pagadian and Ozamis were generally safe except Iligan which I consider critical because of the sporadic bombings and alarms reported lately, its not advisable to stay long in this area.

The Pagadian-Ozamis route is indeed your best choice when your going home. Aside from the fact that the route is safe, Ozamis now is being serve by booth Cebu Pacific and PAL that has have several flights going to Cebu and Manila, you will never run out of flights and option.

i am in ozamis city today but i didnt checked in to the royal garden because horrible words just came out from their security guard yesterday. actually i was just going to park and ask if there were still vacant accomodations, the guard blocked my way and told me " wala na booked na tanan ang rooms and i answered who told you that its already fully booked since you are not the receptionist. and guess what he told me. the security guard just told me " pesteng yawaa". i just arrived yesterday and the travel was very stressful. i assumed hotel staffs with warm greeting where tiredness will be gone. heck, it just provoked me. to the owner of the royal garden hotel, how in the world do you brief your hotel staff? you are very embarrassing

Sorry about that @piGGytURtLe, that was an awful experience, I suggest you look for another hotel to stay. Try Plaza Beatriz, its just infront of Gaisano CitiMall. You could also try Palace Hotel or Executive Hotel c", but I cant assure you that they could give top of line amenities.

Royal Garden is the only top class? hotel in the city.


I am planning a trip to visit Ozamis city, Is there internet cafe with WEBCAM ?

Thank you very much, and if you can email me your answer:


Yes Sir Kelvin, almost all of the internet cafe here have web cams c'',

very informative! details were noted.
thanks very much!

how much is the fare from ozamis city airport to agora bus terminal?

how much is the fare from ozamis city airport to agora bus terminal?

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