Jun 23, 2008

Globe versus Smart; Lovers Rivalry

Globe versus Smart website.. A miss matched among Philippines leading Mobile Telecommunication Networks..

Judging overall, smart offers far more better when it comes to website design, information and service delivery, usability, almost, all technical aspect and features. Smart wins farther in customer support either sales or technical support and wins them by mile.

Globe didn't seem to care about their website, its dull, badly designed, worse poor inquiry service, lacks important information that matters and with features being to old school. The website lacks luster, lacks excitement, lacks vibe..

What are they thinking then? If they want to compete with Smart they must fare better in all aspect of the competition including the web. Where do you think most of the people spend their free times nowadays, its not with radio or television anymore, not even with newspapers and broadsheets, its with the world wide web, more and more people access the web nowadays to surf, chat online or play games. The web has become a powerful tool in communication, in spreading information. Globe needs to realize this.

Smart is far way hip and trendy yet classy and business like. They were able to target majority of the market, the youth and the young professionals.

Globe has a lot of catching up to do, they must have a website that is informative as possible, write about what you have and what customers could benefit from using their service, put up a 24hour service support team that can answer online inquiries right away and last but not the least, let young minds design their site so they could cope up with the newest trends.

All this matters in a website, All this matters in the companies future.

Visit both websites to compare and see the difference: for Smart: www.smart.com.ph while for Globe: www.globe.com.ph


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