Apr 29, 2009

N97's Bitter Price.

In my Email round up lately, I've crossed several newsletters with N97 headliner, the seemingly unstoppable arrival of the most anticipated smartphone in the mobile world to date, well, maybe not anymore after a bitter price tagged into it.

Yesterday, a website mentioned that Nokia allegedly decrease the price of the phone from from 540 Pounds, its original announce price before tax to below 500 Pound mark which would mean happy days for everyone since it would save me and the other eager buyers huge bucks. It was sited that Nokia made this decision in respect to the economic recession that the world is experiencing at the moment. I cannot confirm though if this website is reliable but as far as I've notice, this is a formal site for news and events, not just a blog or a fly by night site.

Then the next day it became official with a Telecom network announcing N97's price tag, Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) posted the device on their webpage with a whopping 599 Euro which is equivalent to $780 in US Dollars and Php38,100 in Philippine peso, an amazingly crazy and expensive price for a mobile phone. Who the hell would buy this phone with an insane cost, its utterly ridiculous. I wont buy a mobile phone that cost more than my laptop, its annoying and Nokia people are crazy. How come they're selling this phone expensively when its greatest competitor the Omnia HD with powerful specs cost only 440 Euro, thats a 150 Euro lower than N97? I just cant get it, N97 has a mediocre specs with ARM11 460mHz processor, QWERTY keyboard and huge memory on it and yet it cost more?

This would become the most brainless marketing decision that Nokia made in the history of mobile world. No wonder why their losing market share, they just don't know how to price there phone competitively anymore. They become overly greedy and they keep on making wrong decisions. Giving away Symbian UI for competitors to enjoy is a blatant mistake, sticking to low specs phones and not introducing innovative products is a crime in competitive world, etc.. Nokia have to stop this madness before its to late.

Nokia should correct this insanity as soon as possible before buyers like me would loss interest on buying N97 and if this really goes through, it would mean that I will be dropping this phone for another touchscreen device with QWERTY like the HTC Touch Pro maybe or Andriod phones, it can also be non QWERTY like Omnia HD or iPhone 3G 8GB which by the way even cost cheaper than N97, iPhone cost Php32,000 here in the Philippines, 6 thousand cheaper than N97, so its a possibility, but certainly not 5800 XpressMusic. I hate iPhone before due to its expensive price and I hate Samsung rather due to its durability issues but perception change specially when it comes to fairness and I might consider this phones rather than a Php38,000, N97.

Well good luck Nokia, you still have two months to reverse the price before I'm going to be out of Love.


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