Apr 26, 2009

Unlimited Internet 3G, Service That Philippine Telecoms Should Consider.

I seriously believe that this is the best time for Telecommunication companies here in the Philippines like Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular to offer an unlimited Internet 3G service on mobile phones having a fully matured market that wants to be connected to the web at all times, in all places, using a device they carry most of the time and by almost anybody, Mobile Phones.

Customer's demand have changed in full blast and most Filipinos now a days crave for connectivity not only within the country but all over the world and the best avenue to do this is through the web where they can meet every people and personality, find the best possible knowledge and information, discover the best entertainment mediums among others. Isn't this a good segment to cash in more profit if the Telecom networks? Look at how many Internet shops were built in the past few years, it quadrupled from few to thousands. Look at how many Filipinos access Twitter, IM, Friendster, Facebook, YouTube among other online sharing and chatting communities, its in a staggering up right rate. Internet is now the biggest thing that matters for almost everyone and they have with them a tool that reach this route, mobile phones with 3G technology.

As the a new generation speaks up through me, we want to be constantly connected to our email, to current news and events by bringing up live video streaming, to the latest fab on YouTube, to the online games that we play, to the current condition of the products I'm bidding on eBay, to the messages sent by my friends all over the world in Yahoo Messenger or MSN, to the readers of my Blog who posted comments or questions, to the Tweets of the people I'm following on Twitter, to the new pictures posted by my friends on Friendster and Facebook, to the videos shared by my acquaintances on Ovi among others. We want an unlimited 24/7 access to all this anytime, anywhere, and we should be heard, this is what we want and we want it as soon as possible.

As of the moment 3G Web service is being offered at a rate of Php 15.00 for 30 minutes, expensive than a regular Internet shop rate, who do you think will avail the web service on a mobile phone where people can pay the same rate on an Internet cafe with big screen and fast computers, nobody to none, so its as good as a dead service offered to the almost dyeing, an huge waste of investment and opportunity. Why not offer it in an unlimited monthly rate with full access to the web just like in broadband service for PC. This would surely create a huge demand and support specially among the business minded, students, young professionals and the entire Internet fab generation in general. It summed up 85% percent of the entire population nowadays, don't they want to capture this huge market?

Countries in Europe particularly in United Kingdom and France have this services and it has been very successful so far in terms support and following. This would mean that the local telecoms will not have a hard time setting this up here since they can just tailor it to the existing set up made by Telecom companies in other countries.

At least they could offer it in a Php 999 package same to that of the existing unlimited broadband service and they wont set up anything here, no antennas what so ever since mobile phones have 3G chips on them, just few add-ons on their towers for 3G technology to work anywhere, not just the current city proper coverage and wallah, done, its as easy as A, B, C. Huge possible profit inflow without a huge investment, isn't this a win-win scenario for Telecom companies?

Consider this Smart and Globe, this is the future of your company, unlimited connectivity that can reach the entire world. Who ever of you can give this service first will carry the top posts in the upcoming generation to come. That's how this matters. Future! One.


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