May 1, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 5 Round Up

Performance Night:

I was a bit bored with the theme, Rat Pack, somewhat like living in the sink or underwater drainage kind of music nowadays because its totally unknown and bromidic, thanks to the performances of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, they have at least save the night away.

The whole family is routing for Adam now while my vote is divided equally on my four beats. Yes I was worried about Matt and Allison's performance simply because the judges were not to happy with it while the dreadful Danny Gokey garnered an edge, well not to me, I was completely drab by it and I can't seemed to stand by his performances. We usually change the channel when Gokey performed hehe, that's how dreadful he was. Keeping my finger cross, he must go.

Elimination Night:

Wow, Shocking!! American Idol did it again as it manipulate the biggest and the most hideous result night in the season, Adam Lambert was drag down to the bottom 3 which sent a shock wave to the whole American Idol community. How can the most watched contestant this season became one of the least voted when majority of the audience loves his performance every week?

I smell a scheme going on just for the show to gain momentum and traction from the losing audience share. Its very obvious that they just made this up and instead of gaining excitement on it, I think they'll end up losing more viewers since it just proves that American Idol is nothing but a mere soap opera with all the drama going on and not a talent competition. Well, I might not be watching the show next season because I also found out that its getting worse every year. I also remember the same scenario before when they sent David Cook to the bottom 3 last year for the same reason. Very Lame!!

The talented Matt Giraud was sent home, sad but American have spoken and believe they have a serious problem of insanity by keeping Danny Gokey in the competition. Hmm, must have something to do with the recession, it somehow clouded their judgement big time.

Oh well, I still have 3 of my beats on the final four. I was opting for an Adam vs Kris, Allison vs Kris, Kris vs Allison or Adam vs Allison finale and I hope America would agree with me. American Idol is all about talent and artistry and they must bring this back to the pedestal by choosing the most talented and the most artistic contenders. America should not fail like its Economy.


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