May 8, 2009

American Idol Top 4 Round Up

Performance Night:

Great night overall, the fact that its a classic rock theme and I love rock music and heavy metal kind of stuff, Danny Gokey, my most hated American Idol this season made a blatant growling tone and became the biggest mess in the competitions history. It was jerky and spooky at the same time, and worst, he seem to be very proud of it. Haha, what a loser!

Anyways, my 3 remaining beats made a good performance last night starting with Adam Lambert. I was waiting for him to sing a heavy metal, head banging song and he did by rendering a Led Zeppelin classic. Thought I wish he made an act out of it not just standing infront of the mic, I mean roll over and conquer the stage kind of performance that rockers do, still, thanks for bringing Zeppelin out.

With Allison's performance, I thought it was good, she is a born rock chick and she showed all of it except that she was seemingly nervous during the performance, pressure maybe because everybody expected here to do great because its her night and since she is new to this kind of things, it eat her performance a bit but then overall she rocks the night away.

Kris Allen choose a song that suits him best and I appreciate that in contrast to the judges foul comments against his performance. This judges were a big mess sometimes, they keep telling contestants to be true to themeselves and Kris just did that during the performance night by ressurecting a Beatle song that feats his genre and yet their criticizing it. Confussion on the loose.

Elimination Night:

America just made the biggest mistake ever in American Idol history, letting go of a huge talent and keeping a douchebag around. Do they have enough problems already?

The talent of course was none other than Allison Iraheta who was eliminated this week after several rounds of incredible performance while the douchebag was this years's (VFTW) choice Danny Gokey. The VFTW is celebrating right now because there beat was not eliminated last night although almost with Him and Allison on the bottom 2. I love the group, they seemed to be the only people in America that makes sense this days.

Okey for those who didn't know, VFTW is a group of anti-American Idol individuals who nominates a contestant that suck big time and campaign fo him to win so it will add to American Idol's winners list of fatality for not being able to break in to industry after the competition. I would say that they've been successful in their campaign because out of the 7 winners, only one made a big splash so far. Cheers!

Well as I always say, American Idol is going down and I predict it will only be good for one more year specially if Danny Gokey wins this year. Rant!


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