May 17, 2009

Missing My N82

My omnipotent phone went to a side trip, my sister borrowed it for awhile as she went on a trip to Davao for a week to undergo a seminar. She needs the 5MP Carl Ziess camera with Xenon flash to capture her best moments because unfortunately we don't have a digital camera in the house, only camera that uses film, some old age gadget, oh well, she has the best companion to achieve this.

I am now back to using my old phone Nokia 6120 Classic that I gave to my sister 8 months ago. Being away from my phone for almost a week now makes me realize how important it was to me specially in terms of usability. 6120 Classic is a good phone rather for texting and making or receiving calls but it ends there and I'm using my phone more than this. I'm using it as my main MP3 player when I'm on the go even if I'm home, never touched my MP3 component anymore, just hooked the phone to my sound box and I'm ready to blend. I'm kinda used to the music interface of N82 also as well organizing my music files to playlists among others, a mile better than 6120 Classic.

I miss my N-Gage games also particularly the Reset Generation, how I love to butcher enemies and defeat it several times, its fun and devilish. I played the game for 100x already, it's just that every game play is different and its very unpredictable. I missed the perfect instant snapshots like what happen a while ago when I saw vehicles used in mud car racing. I should have taken an eye candy shoots but unfortunately the 6120 Classic ruined the event with its 2MP camera.

My Nokia Step Counter and Wellness Diary.. been using this features for quite sometime now to monitor my weight and health. Step counter gives me the number of calories burn in a day and somehow guide me rather to walk more if my target number is not achieve while Wellness Diary records my weight and other health improvements.

Last but not the least my Twittix, Widgets, Podcasts, Facebook and the best of my Internet softwares, been using the phone mostly in updating all this specially the real time Email delivery via the push email capability of Nokia Email. I'm also using my phone for surfing the net and writing my blog more than my laptop, this is because I can carry it anywhere, in my bed, in the canteen among others.

Hmm, cant wait for her to arrived and hold my phone again, I've been texting her every once in awhile to remins her to take care of my phone andthat she owes me big time. She need to gave me the best "Pasalubong" that Davao could offer also.


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