May 24, 2009

N97 Heading for a Touched Down in the Philippines, June, 2nd Week!

Before succumbing into hysteria, let me clarify it first, this is just a confirmed rumor by one of the biggest mobile phone chain in the country, Aerophone, meaning, I got a confirmation from an insider but not an official statement of the management, so its not 100% sure and I call that confirmed rumor. Well, this store was also among the very first who got the 5800 XpressMusic when it first came out in the country so it must be a little bit true.

If this is really true, it will just be a matter of time before the phone will be in my hands, or maybe a little bit longer. The phone is said to be sold within the Php32,00 price range which is a big relief in my part since its not Php47,000 as early reported and it will be within my credit card range. Its an all green flag for me but in weeks time I guess after the release because I know the price will go down in just a matter of month. I believe it will cross below the Php30,000 marked based on the market condition at the present and my observation also in the past like that of the 5800 XpressMusic. During the release week, it was sold at Php19,990, then drop down to 15,990 in just a months time.

So that's 2nd week of July on my calendar, just in time for my Nokia N82 Black to turn a year older, bought it July 8, 2008 c", wooohoww!!


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