May 5, 2009

Nokia E75's Bewitching Foray

I'm beginning to like E75, the best ESeries device that grace Nokia portfolio to date and now seriously considering it in par with N97 and N86 8MP as my next phone to own and as the matter of fact, it ranks 2nd to my choices with N97 on the top and N86 8MP in the bottom at the moment.

Pretty weird here since I like photography and video (the phone has 3.2MP Carl Ziess only and a 15 frames per minute video capability) and all NSeries perks being a tech savvy person but things changed and perception curved and that's whats currently playing in my field right now. The main reason for this is that, I'm not giving up my N82 just yet at the moment since I couldn't find a good replacement of this phone leaving a goal to find a phone that will serve only as an alternate so I will not get bored with it.

The phone must offer something different, could either be in User Interface (UI), Form Factor or Features and best of all it must be Affordable and E75 just fits to the description. The phone has a QWERTY, keyboard that I have been wanting ever since the E71 was introduce being a heavy texter myself, plus the fact that it is a side slider, form factor than I have been craving also in contrast to N82's candybar. UI, the phone has an S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 which of course offer new experience while Feature wise, it has a Quick Office editing feature as well as other Email and connectivity feature way different to N82. The phone is also compatible with SU-33W, Nokia's Mobile TV Receiver accessory which would mean a possibility of unlimited TV viewing and entertainment anytime, anywhere, on the go. I have always been wanting to own a mobile TV device ever since the N92 days being a TV freak myself and this is a realization of that desire, thought this accessory will be brought separately but I don't care, as long as I have TV entertainment anytime I wanted to. This phone is also compatible with N-Gage games therefore I could play my Reset Generation. A total entertainment package phone.

Affordability, E75 was introduce to the market at Php22,800 only which was almost the same price when I bought my N82 8 months after its initial release, imagine how affordable it was and how much it will cost 1-2 months after the initial excitement traction died down, I predict it will be within Php18,000 marked. Even the E71 cost Php27,000 when it first came out so this is an awesome price point, more likely within everyone's reached.

I'll still be counting few more weeks before getting an alternate phone, I'm waiting for my credit card installment contract to end before jumping to another one, as of the moment, this phone gets all the jets, bewitching foray.


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