May 31, 2009

Simple Way Of Customizing Twitter Profile

I've seen a lot of profile in Twitter for the past few weeks of being hooked to it and I've notice that majority of this were custom made with no changes or personalization done and it just so happen also that I got bored with my background that's why I took the liberty in searching info on how to customize and found this simple new steps.

Few easy tips actually and it will only take few minutes to do, best of all its FREE!

1. Go to this site,, link provided here.
2. Register to the site to have a full access to the sites services.
3. After joining the site, you will be brought to this page where you will be given full power to make a background base on your preference. All you need to do is fill the 4 boxes with your preferred designs. Picture that you want to appear on the background, Logo if you have one, Background of course, they have several background to choose from and then Frame. The frame is quite limited here so choose the best suitable in reference to the background you choose.
4. Preview your work to see the result. If you think you like it, download the file and save. I tried the Auto install option but it didn't work.
5. Open you twitter account and click settings, then Design
6. Below the design page, click on the download option, browse the background you created in your pc. You have to change the color of the settings to go connive with your background.
7. Click save the file and your done.

Now you can have this Profile, just dont forget to click Follow button. Chao


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