May 10, 2009

Zamboanga City Golf Course and Beach Park

Lets go back and visit Asia's Latin City, Zamboanga City, Philippines and this time, a trek off to the City's major sports attraction, the city runned Golf Course and Beach Park situated at the Upper Calarian.

Whats so special about this place is the combination of Golf and Beach all in one. I love to play Golf and that's why when a friend of mine invited me to play with her, I didn't hesitate to say YES, with "I love to" quote. The fact that I've been wanting to play one for quite sometime now, its like a dream come true. It was a sort of tutorial for me because she teach me the basics. I find it awkward at first but then along the way, I'm starting to get along with her.

The place was average I would say for a Golf Course, the view is not breathtaking but it can leave with standard. Area was average if I am to compare it with the spacious Golf courses on ESPN, its serine and a bit windy being near to a beach. I believe that's not a good indication, Golfers? Aynways, the beach rather was average, its not a white sand as that of Dakak or Boracay and it has no fancy cottages or special features, just a typical beach resort where families and friends get together and have fun.

This is the welcome lounge area of the Golf Course, they have mini store here that were selling Golf parafernalias and soveigners as well as food for the players to munch while playing. They even have a bar on the side that sells anything from breveranges to beers. I wonder if beers and golf give together c",

Southwest and Northeast part of the Golf course (on the right), I told you its average and not breathtaking, right?

Anyways if your visiting Zamboanga City and you love Golf, this is a good place to play to your hearts design.


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