Jun 7, 2009

First Seen Here: Nokia N97 Campaign Video, Philippines

No more holds barred, the coming of the most anticipated mobile device is inevitable even against cyclones and A(H1N1) as a local Teaser campaign video pops out hot and fresh from Nokia's arsenal with new enticing revelation about the upcoming N97.

Its a follow up video from the page link they posted two days ago announcing the Pre-Order dates and the Linksys promo, only this time upfront information on the final release month which will be on July, 2009, just a few more breaths away. Though the video did not reveal the exact date, it still leaves an awesome definiteness, that its surely just around the corner. I'm hoping that it will have the same salvo event like that of the 5800 XpressMusic where they asked buyers to rampage the Nokia Flagship store at the Fort for a day and throw a wild party to celebrate its arrival few days after instead of delivering it door to door, individually, party is a party nontheless.

Anyways, heres the video folks, Enjoy and be Mesmerize!

Big thanks to the good people of Nokia PR department for sharing the video, they've been very helpful and accommodating. Cheers!!


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