Jun 14, 2009

Metrobank Card's Rewards On The Double

Metrobank Card Corporation launch another promotional campaign to encourage its users to spend using their Metrobank Mastercard or Visa. Double Rewards Points when you used your card anywhere.

Promo Mechanics:

1. This promotion is open to all cardholders of Metrobank Platinum MasterCard, Metrobank Peso MasterCard, Metrobank Visa, Metrobank Femme Visa, and Metrobank Value MasterCard.

2 To join the promotion, Cardholders will need to register via
a. Texting "DOUBLE<1&digit>" to 0918-963MTXT (6898)
b. For example; DOUBLE 12345G7812345G78 markcruz@yahoo.com
c. Once registration is completed a notification message will be sent to cardholder's mobile number within 24 hours. Transactions made within the calendar month will now be tracked versus the promotion spend requirement. This one-time registration applies to the remainder of the promo period. There is no need to register again for the succeeding months.
d. Registration is valid from June 15 to September 30, 2009.

3. Cardholders get 2x rewards on retail transactions and merchant installments. Examples of retail transactions are purchases at groceries, department stores, gasoline stations, clothing stores, etc. Examples of merchant installments are installment purchases of gadgets, appliances, and even installment purchases in department stores. Minimum spend per card type is required to earn double rewards points.

Card Type Spend Requirement:
MasterCard/ Visa Classic, Femme, Value MasterCard - Php5,000.00
MasterCard/Visa Gold - Php20,000.00
MasterCard Platinum - P60,000.00

4. Valid spend excludes finance charges, penalty fees, annual membership fees and other charges. Also excluded from valid spend are Cash Advances, Bills2Pay, Balance Transfer, Balance Conversion, Cash2Go & Payment Arrangement transactions.

5. The rewards points will appear on the monthly billing statement of registered & qualified cardholders. The rewards points will appear in each succeeding month. For example, cardholders reaching minimum valid spend in June will have their rewards points reflected in their July billing statement.

6. Some cardholders may have their monthly billing statements reflect the rewards points 2 months after the promo month. However, the rewards points will be credited into cardholders accounts within 3 working days from the end of each month. Affected cardholders can confirm by calling their respective hotlines.

7. To qualify for the bonus rewards points. cardholders must have an active account, and have no outstanding past due, Otherwise the additional bonus rewards points will be forfeited.

8. Promo valid from June 15 to September 30, 2009.

9. The use of the Metrobank Credit Card in connection with this promo is subject to the Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of Metrobank Credit Cards.

10. Accumulated rewards points can be used to redeem items from the rewards catalog To redeem items, cardholders may call (02) 8-700-700. Terms and conditions of the Metrobank Card Corporation Rewards Program shall apply. See Rewards Catalog or visit www.metrobankcard.com for more details.

So hurry and register via text now!


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