Jun 28, 2009

A Tribute To The King Of Pop By The Infamous Cebu Inmates

Two days ago, the King Of Pop died and up to know millions of people were still in shocked by the said event. I may have not witness his grandeur in the 80's to 90's but I surely know that he was loved by the whole world. I still remember my Dad and Mom talking about him years ago to the point of calling him a "miracle man" by my father due to the decadence of his popularity but I never really appreciate him before not until I was in Highschool when I first saw a VHS video of his concert. During this time, Michael Jackson wasn't so popular anymore so it was like an introduction to his kind of music and among the song performed, Man In The Mirror became my favorite. Then again a huge gap of years pass by of not hearing anything about him until it was reported that his Neverland closed down, the announcement of his Concert in London and then his death.

Anyways without a further a do, here are youTube vidoes in tribute to the King Of Pop!

We Are The World..



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