Jun 21, 2009

Widgets Finally Closed and Ported To Ovi

Some bad news folks, my well loved Nokia Widset have already been axed down and incorporated to Ovi, sad day! I'm a big fan of this application. This is the very first application I opened in the morning and my last companion at night before going to sleep, thats how deeply connected I am with it and how useful it is to me. Yes its a matter of converging services in to one, Ovi that is, thats why they need to close this down but Nokia did not come up with application that can immulate the service to the Ovi line up of applications which is a huge mistake, fatal mistake that is.

So whats with this application that makes me rave so much? Well this application has Widgets that anybody can subscribe into which are link to websites and what it does is it directly forward all updates from that site in to the application so I don't need to open the website from the browser. It gives the convenience of browsing several websites with all its updates into one. I have subscribed to several sites particularly news and current event sites like CNN, Inquirer, GMA News among others. Yes their application clients available to upload and install but they were only limited and we also need to open and install each application to get updates. Widsets incorporate this into one client and I will only need to refresh one app to get updates from all my subscribe sites. Twitter is a good alternative but its updates were only limited to 140 character and you need to open the phone browser to read the full article not like the widsets where it can display all the full article.

Hopefully Nokia can read this posts and create another app like Widsets, a more better and faster one incorporating links to pages for better browsing and viewing. For sure they have all the capabilities to do so having the application running for several years. Please Nokia, create another Widset app within the realms of Ovi.

For the moment, I think I'll be using Twitter for now not until I find another application that can gave me all the comforts of Widsets, any ideal which one folks? Buzz me up here!


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