Jul 30, 2009

Celebrities and Their Mobile Phones

I don't watch Television that much due to my busy and techy lifestyle, often times I'm on my cellphone during my free times, texting or surfing the web, or infront of my Laptop ticking out just about anything or roaming around the ville with friends and even if I had a chance watching one, I usually end up channel hopping between my favorite foreign channels like History, Bio, Fox News, Discovery nor HBO, no local channels on site. I just watch Local channels by chance when my Mom or my sisters or rather my staff in the hospital watch their favorite soaps or noontime show. It is also the only time I got a glimpse on Local celebrities and I don't even focus on them but on the gadgets and mobile phones their carrying. Call that a keen eye for mobile phones.

So far among the local celebrities I saw with mobile phones in toe were the TV personalities with regular shows. Majority of them where Nokia phone users of course, very much expected from being in a Nokia country and majority uses high end smartphones.

Most noticable of course at least in my point of view is my Nokia N82 which I'm very much familiar with in any angles. Celebrity users includes Jojo Alajar, the biggest Michael Jackson celebrity fan in the country, in his interview with Mo Twiter in the ANC channel. I also saw Assunta De Rossi and Iya Villana using the phone in one of the local soaps. Rufa Mae Quinto was carrying this phone in SOP while Christian Baustista owas caught carrying this phone on ASAP.

Rea Santos of Balitang Q was carrying a Nokia N95 8GB in one the opening video of the newscast. Ruffa Guiterrez was also using the N95 on the Buzz. Leo Martinez and Michael V carries E90. Willie Revillame has an E71.

Kris Aquino was very vocal about her Blackberry while Mark Fernandez dose out his Apple iPhone on the soap opera Kim Sam Soon. Karyll of ASAP have an iPhone and a 5800 XpressMusic at the same time.

More celebrities and their mobile phones in my upcoming posts, hopefully I will get a chance to watch local shows more but I don't think I can dare hahaha, kidding c", Watch this space!


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