Jul 25, 2009

Mobile Phones In The City Of Flowers

I would say, Zamboangenues have a big Love for mobile phones as they have a unique way in expressing it thought a lively and healthy trade called the Cellphone Barter that runs along the narrow busy sidewalks surrounding the Universidad De Zamboanga and extending towards the front porch of the City's Public Market. Individual traders which counts to more than two dozens cramp along this area bringing only with them stools to sit on and a plastic rectangular container where they display there mobile phones for sale, call that a mobile store for mobile phones.

Its basically a small buy and sell business of 2nd hand phones where in traders got their supply from people who sell used or defective phones which is normally bought cheaply then in return sell this to the public with a competitive price to that of the mobile phone shops. Traders would usually buy this units at a quarter to the original price or even cheaper when it comes to defective units, fixed it a bit themselves and sell this a quarter cheaper to the shops price earning them a more than half of the phones original price.

You might wonder why this 1st party sellers would agree to sell their phones to the traders cheaply, well that's because majority of them were notorious snatchers that looms around the city and this people doesn't care about prices, in fact, they might not even know the real price of the phone in mobile shops. What matters to them is that they will get something out of the item they've stolen. I do hope the Zamboanga City Authority will look closely to the activities around this area because it encourage mobile phone snatchers to steal since they have a market to sell them. Units being sold here were mostly old models and if not fake ones that comes from China or Saudi Arabia. Usually the Saudi's were called Class A counterfeits as they have almost identical feature to that of the original while the China clones can easily be distinguishable. Buyers here should be very vigilant in selecting phones, they might end up buying fake ones at the original price point or better be yet, not to buy a phone from here to discourage illegal activities surrounding the trade.

As I scroll down the alley, I saw a 5800 XpressMusic being displayed and it cost Php11,000, that's about 4Thousand cheaper than the store price and take this, complete accessory and everything on the box, a great deal. I couldn't say thought that its not defective or if they haven't open the unit and change parts inside, that needs to be look closely upon. I saw several N93's sold at Php7,000 but the casings where worn out, I suppose you have to spend a the casing foe it to be usable. XpressMusics were widely popular also, but majority where old non colored phones like the Nokia 1100, 3310, 3210 and even the legendary 5110. Prices of this phones ranges from Php400 - Php600 or even cheaper if you have a good dealing skills.


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