Jul 18, 2009

Recent Trip With Nokia 6120 Classic

In my recent trip to Asia's one and only Latin city, I brought with me my old Nokia 6120 Classic for a change and thought of having it tested performance wise after two years of existence. Travel time is about 10-12 hours and it would really mean rigid test to its performance and usage as I often use my phone for everything to make me sane during the trip.

I slip down my 2GB memory card from my N82 and was very surprise to find out that 6120 Classic automatically installed all applications and games that were saved on it. Didn't know that this was possible and I haven't tried this yet with my N82 but nonetheless it was very comforting to know that I don't need to install my fab applications to the phone.

The screen was the very first oddity that I experience, it wasn't as lively and colorful as N82 with its 2 inches screen and the weight is very light. The buttons were cramp and structured differently that it took me for awhile to get use to it again, other than that, everything else is very much familiar.

The phone still performs very well, take note of this, 5 hours of unlimited music playtime, several SMS, 3 calls and games in between, is on par with the new breeds. Nokia did well in allocating power to this phone because it leaves up to the power level I need even if it only has smaller battery.

Of all that 6120 Classic have, Music Player is the only area where this excel against my N82, it's better in terms of the headphone and loudspeaker usage. Sound is more louder, a bit crisp and very clear. Sound widening is very much felt also and the bass is deep and intense. I'm a big fan of the Reverb audio set up of this phone where I can change my listening experience to either Ally, Bathroom, Underwater or Small, Medium and Large Hall, it gives a different vibe to the music, somewhat like a new song being played. I wish my N82 have this feature but unfortunately they took it off changing it with 3D Tones which cannot be use in the phones music player. Hopefully my upcoming phone, the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic have this in toe nor the N86 8MP.

Overall, my old Nokia 6120 Classic still do what it does best even after two years, a classic phone with a music player and I believe it will still hold longer than expected for the next few years. It again proves how well the phone was manufactured and the seal of Nokia's durability.


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