Jul 11, 2009

Weekend! Back From A Long Absence

Its almost a week now since I've visited the worldwide snitch, I was broodingly away for a convention with the Philippine Hospital Association then a seminar from the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation with their annoying and alienating Benchbook program blah, blah which took me to away from civilization for almost a week. c", It was damn crazy listening to speakers about a topic that hates small hospital business, I mean are we ready for such program when the the country and the world is in recession, REALITY check please and stop dreaming PhilHealth!! Haha, I never really mentioned anything from my work on this blog ever since, its just that I was annoyed by this Benchbook Program at the moment but nonetheless I want to spare you all from cruelty that's why I wont talk about it.

I was in Zamboanga City for almost a week and I would say the place didn't really change that much for the past 2 months, though I missed a few bombing incident and the sensationalism brought by the International Red Cross Kidnapping, it would have been fun seeing all those media people creeping the cityville to cover the event. I like to see a live newscasting and how odd it was for newscasters to do their job on live national television broadcast, for curiosities sake that is.

Anyways, speaking about bombings and kidnappings in this part of the country or should I say its notorious reputation and dangerous clout, I was wondering why this place is still visited by lots of people from all walks of life, if you try observe the place, a lot of people where walking on the streets from all direction, people hanging out on the most bombed place in the city, that's the Park by the way, malls full of shoppers, schools with lots of students, etc. The place is very much alive and kicking as if its not being threatened by terrorism among others on a day to day basis. Even I, was mesmerize by this place and wanting to do live and do business here, I wanted to invest in this place and put up a Nokia Flagship Store or a CDR-King franchise etc, weird but true. So whats with this place that carved my enthusiasm?

Well, a little FYI, I've been to a lot of places in the country, I think I have covered almost all places within the Visayas and Mindanao region and some parts of Luzon being an ex researcher from a refutable Research Firm in the country, but of all the places I've been to, Zamboanga City ranks #2 on my list with Davao City on top and Puerto Princesa on 3rd. That's how the city charmed me, or maybe I was just born to love danger in general. c",

That gave me an idea to countdown the top 10 places I want to live in my next posts and reasons behind it, that would be exciting I supposed, so watch this space.


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