Aug 1, 2009

The Amazing Race 14

The 14th season of the Best Reality Series in the world, The Amazing Race ended up a month ago and I was to dumb enough to missed it. I really didn't have the slightest idea that the race was on, thanks to Star World, QTV and Studio 23 for playing deaf mute about the latest season being shown in their respective channel that I wasn't able to catch even a single episode of it. Are they like stupid or just playing moronic. Anyways, thanks to the ever reliable youTube that I was able to watch the whole series commercial free, I love youTube. c",

The race was one of the best series in the history of Amazing Race, though I find the 13th series better, this season ranks 2nd. I became a race of intellect rather than a race of force having stronger contestants being eliminated early. It was also one of the most unique combination of contestants with a deaf contestant tagged, a strong willed mother, beautiful and blond women who were not stupid, a strong old team couple, a father and son gay tandem, a midget stuntmen team and a Harvard Law graduate siblings duo.

The events that were happening in the race were rather unique in general, no Fast Forward given, their was a Blind U-Turn, physically strong teams were eliminated early and it was the only race that I like most of the teams. During the race, I didn't really took sides or appoint my favorites because its impossible to gauge them and they all seemed to be nice. There were no long lived conflicts between the teams except maybe when during the later times when a misunderstanding came out between the athletic sister team of Kisha and Jen and the mother and deaf son tandem of Margie and Luke. But I'm not taking sides either between them because I like them both and it was just a case of misunderstanding.

Anyways, a lot of unexpected things happen during the race, Margie and Luke came out as a surprise to everyone as they came out 1st place thrice, a fleet that I thought would be impossible specially that Luke was deaf and communication would be difficult but the mother took out the role of a strong woman that carry the team exceptionally during the entire race. Hats down to what Phil calls the Bionic Women because of his seemingly heroine like strength to carry a team to victories. Fab memories with this team, when Margie collapse at the 5th pit stop, she was so exhausted due to the hot temperature of Thailand, running with a rickshaw with his son Luke on it, crusing along the street of Thailand on a midday. It really proves her strong will and determination. They came down third place overall.

Tammy and Victor where the sibling lawyers. First impression of this team, I thought there were just intelligent individuals and will not last long in the race because it required physical strength also to make it through but they seemed to prove me wrong every leg. They came out to be physically fit and emotionally prepared to do it with intellect as their main weapon swiping down 4 first place and then finally taking the seat as the overall winner of the season. It was an amazing journey and very unexpected, and for that I gave them a brooding standing ovation. Well played, well planned.

The team that came out 2nd overall where the former NFL Cheerleaders, Jaime and Cara. They were two beautiful attractive women and both strong willed that's why they made it this far. There physically fit on the first impressions but I don't think they have the stamina to make it through, but then again I was wrong as they came out to be cunning team. Though Jaime have an attitude specially when dealing with people they meet during the race, Cara came out as her redeemer, enunciating her with reality that often times save them from disarray. It was a good match up between the two and they used their physical appearance to their advantage tagging them with special attention during the race.

Kisha and Jen where strong team physically being athletes in real life but they have poor judgement and feel short in the intellectual side of things that's why they just fall down on the 4th spot overall. I believe there biggest blunder was their failure to communicate, the biggest hurdle of the competition.

Mark and Michael were the midget team, though they have a height disadvantage than the other team, they came out fast and unstoppable which also became their problem. They just zoom out most of the time and do stuff without thinking for consequences. They will be remembered in the history of the Amazing Race as team with the most number of penalty, that would be 3x and the longest time, about 4 hours. There problem was coming out short on money and they were suspended twice for this because they gave personal stuffs in exchange for the service incurred during the race which is a major violation. I wonder why they run out of money all the time, they must have problem with budgeting in real life as they will came down in history also as the most broke team.

Mel and Mike where the gay father and son tandem, very odd combination. Aside from their sexual preference, they were also a weak team overall both physically, emotionally and intellectually but they manage to grab a first spot on the 4th leg of the race due to pure luck. Well, luck does play a part of the Amazing Race but rarely. On the other hand, bad luck played over to my early team favorite Brad and Victoria. Age was instantly there weakness on first glance but they bought a surprising competitive character that propel them at least 3 legs in the competition. Victoria was able to show strong sense with Brad supporting here as much as he could. They would have last longer in the competition if bad luck didn't came to play.

While the rest of the teams where rather forgettable and uninteresting. Anyways, I would be waiting for the 15th season of the race. For sure it will be as interesting as it is. To watch the Amazing Race 14, videos can be ACCESS HERE!


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