Aug 15, 2009

Excerpts Saturday: Something To Look Forward To

A disaster is about to happen and I'm looking at a month time frame before this emanates, its inevitable unless miracle intercedes and I'm talking about a huge one, further than imaginable. I'm about to loss a big part of my life and all I can do at the moment is prepare myself and move on, something to look forward to.

Why is the world created with uncertainty, and why is life so unpredictable? All my life I've been creating a clear path as to what to what I want to happen in my future but it seemed to be wrong and that I should not fixed my mind on certain things as anything can happen along the way.

This brings my thought to the idea of taking options from now on, or live life as it happens, in this way I could be open to anything. Its not about being pessimistic, that anything bad could happen along the way but more of being prepared to what ever happens. Equipped my thoughts up if one goal succeed or fails but hoping for the best. I should also take more risks from now on, the problem with having a fixed mind is that you tend not to take risks because your very afraid to consequences and that this might ruin what I want to happen. This doesn't end up to anything, that's proven and sealed.

At least with the thought of being open to anything, I could expect something in between, something unimaginable, exciting and again something to look forward to.


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