Aug 21, 2009

Freaky Friday! Events, Promos and Perks: Globe Surf All Day On Your Mobilephone!

I consider this a big missed people of the Republic (RP), the Surf All Day On Your Mobilephone promo by Globe Telecom. I wasn't aware that this promotion exist not until yesterday when I visited the Globe Service Center in Gaisano Capital Ozamis to reactivate my moms postpaid plan. It was cut off like a year ago because of the unimaginable bill that she got which amounted to PhP7,000 in just a single month, first time in my moms phone bill history after a 24month Smart postpaid plan. Globe has the "worsiest" service in the country, no doubt about that, and we have no choice but to continue the service because we were strangled with a contract covering 13 months more. I do hope they've changed now, I'm not closing doors to possibility.

Anyways, this blog is not all against Globe, I do applaud the company sometimes for the good service they offer like this promo which gives a 24hour unlimited internet connection to three of the most fab site in the web, Friendster, Facebook and Wikipedia for only 20 pesos. I've been raving for unlimited internet connection for several months now and Globe offered it first than the competitor, call this an answered wished and I thank them for this. Though the promo only covers three sites, whats important is the thought of making it possible. I do hope though that this becomes a permanent service and that a few more sites will be added to it most specially my fave "Twitter" and Email services from Nokia Ovi, Yahoo and Gmail, please...!

Twitter is like the biggest social networking site nowadays with millions of members worldwide, while Emails have become one of the most important communication tool so booth should be considered. I know their were thousands of Filipinos on Twitter as Cory Aquino became a Trending Topic during the day of her death and burial. I believe she was the very first Pinoy to have ever made it to the elite Trending List and it was a huge accomplishment since it have brought attention millions of Twitter users around the world. They must have asked who Cory Aquino was that day and somehow must have been introduce to her legacy and accomplishments. Again, make this happen Globe, bring Twitter and Email sites to you Surf All day promo and it will only be a matter of months before Filipinos dominates Twitter and that millions will use appreciate the email service you offer and make a huge switch.

Missed, because the Facebook coverage ends up a week ago, but Friendster and Wikipedia continues until August 24th, so anybody can still still catch up. The 20 pesos will cover only one service and you need to register to avail it. Registration is simple, all you need to do this visit the site you want to access; for Friendster, for Wikipedia, using your mobile phone browser, then choose Globe Connect as your access point (your phone should have a 3G feature and configured to access the internet, Click Here for instructions), then Subscribe to purchase Surf All Day Plan on the landing page, wait for the SMS confirmation and presto, your ready to go.

Again, I'm making an appeal to Globe to make this a permanent service and to add more sites. This is the best thing that happen in the world of mobile internet browsing in this part of the world, make it happen Globe, this could be a major game changer for the company. Hats down!


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