Aug 13, 2009

Mobilephone and Technology Thursday: Nokia N82's Low Phone Memory, Solved and Sealed!

For the past month, I've been dreaded by low phone memory and it seemed to be increasing day by day to an alarming level even to the point of going below 5MB out of 80MB free memory after the phones initial reboot. This lead to a slow and sluggish performance that often resulted to hangs and restarts and I have searched for remedies in the web but I found no logical answer or remedy rather than the option to reboot the phone from scratch.

My immediate action made was remove installed 3rd party applications but after removing everything, the memory just barely decrease, increasing it to 12MB only, now what happen to rest of the 70MB? I was thinking of rebooting the phone until I stumble on the Nokia Messaging client.

Yes, the Nokia Messaging was the main culprit. The client has features that stores emails, could that be new, read or deleted. I didn't know this feature exist not until yesterday when I accidentally open its dropdown on the top left portion of the page. I was shocked to find out that it contains a folder of my deleted files for the past 6 months. This is where my 70MB went through, almost a thousand deleted mails stored on my phone. After I emptied the folder, my memory went back to above 60MB!

Call that stupidity on my part, but I really missed this part of the feature, I should have read and understand the software first before installing it and this should apply to the rest of my future software installations as well.

Now everything is back to normal, and after installing all my removed 3rd party softwares, the phone is breezing within the 50MB, than enough to install more!


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