Aug 19, 2009

Travel and Places Wednesday: Pasonangca Park, Zamboanga City

Zamboanga City have been very prominent in this blog, the fact that I have business in this city every now and then, it has captured my interest and fascination thus making it one of my ideal place to lived.

One of the best city feature that captivated me was the public parks and amusement centers that it has like the Pasonangca Nature Park located north of the city proper. I been very vocal about my big love for nature in this blog, I always wanted a serene and peaceful environment which I would often relate to nature. Being a Nature park, mini forest with big trees sprawling around is expected but aside from this, the Park has a mini zoo, a camping booth, public spring swimming pools, waterfalls among others for visitors to savor. Temperature is also a bit colder here than the normal, somewhat like a perfect combination for a restful and fun summer camp.

The images that shown here was part of my long time photo collection, taken two year ago using my Nokia 6233. On the left was a water pathway from a nearby waterfall down to the swimming pools, image on the right. This pools where nicely landscape within a sloop, creating a magnificent cascade of 3 level pools with 2 smaller pools on top and an Olympic size pool at the buttom. Though I haven't tried a dip slurge, people says that the water was refreshingly cold, very typical for any spring pools everywhere. If only I knew this pool exist before I got here, I would have prepared my trunks and dive down to my hearts desire.

Image on the left was the mini zoo which houses several exotic animals, it sprang several meters and covers most of the center area of the park, while on the right was the booth camp with a Pre-American Indian cottage design. Most of the Regional Jamboree's of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scounts of the Philippines where held here.

I know there were several improvements made by the city government to enhance the area like the Butterfly Sanctuary that was on construction that time, I believe it have already been mop up by now making it one of the main attraction in the area. Plans were also made to put up rooms and cottages within the park to target stay-in tourists, a perfect and wise decision. The place is also very easy to access, its just a few kilometers away from the Zamboanga City International Airport which makes it very feasible for first timers. If only the city government could heighten security measure within the area, I would have encourage everyone to be here.

If your about to visit Asia's Latin City and security treats doesn't matter much to you, make this park one of your destination to savor it's unique antiquities. Its really worth the risk.


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