Sep 18, 2009

Freaky Friday! Axe Is Giving Away 50 Apple iPhones!

Axe, Philippines biggest male centered grooming brand is giving away 50 iPhones to its lucky consumers via the Axe On Phone promo. By the time of the article posting, it might be considered a little while since this campaign started because this is an advance post written 3 weeks ago c", an odd secret revealed haha, anyways just in time I think because the promotion will run for 3 months the least.

Whats so unique about this promotion is the catchy infomercials, sexy and naughty that's why I was tempted to call just to satisfy my curiosity. Call because it encourage viewers to contact them to secure an entry and that participants doesn't need to buy any Axe products to join, just a call will do. Watch to believe!

If you want to join, here are Terms and Conditions:

1. The axeonphone promo is open to all gentlemen residing in the Philippines, 18 years old and above, who call the AOP hotline and visit
2. Callers can get a chance to win any of the ff:
* Wake-up calls - to be granted to randomly selected callers of the AXE hotline
* Caller ring back tones – to be granted to randomly selected callers of the AXE hotline
* Fifty (50) iphones – to be raffled off for the entire duration of the promo
3. Randomly selected callers who have completed the entire call to the AXE hotline will have the chance to receive 3 free wake-up calls from the Axe girl, Lexi, or caller ring back tones.
4. To gain a raffle entry for a chance to win an iphone, a consumer must first have a valid promo code which he can acquire through the following steps:
a. He should call the AXE hotline, at 0908-893-3333, and answer 2 qualifying questions (via interactive voice response).
b. A caller will be provided with a unique promo code for each completed call. This will be dictated over the phone, and sent via SMS after the call ends. The SMS will read: "Hey, Axe Man. It was great talking to you. Don’t forget to visit for a chance to win an iphone! Here’s the code I mentioned over the phone: ABC123. Have fun. ;-) P.S. Don’t delete this message! In case you’re one of the winners, you’ll need to prove to me that we sent you this code. :p This msg is free. Per DOH-BFAD Permit #0892 Series of 2009."
c. This code must then be inputted in to complete the cycle and gain a raffle entry. Note: Website registration is a must.
5. Multiple entries are allowed, provided that each promo code is a unique code
(which he can get by calling the Axe hotline several times). A caller or unique mobile phone number can only win one Iphone in the entire duration of the promo.
6. Promo duration is from August 8, 2009 to October 31, 2009.

Other Terms and Conditions:

1. Entering of codes is from August 8, 2009 to October 31, 2009.
2. All SMS messages sent to 0908-8933333 will not be received by Lexi/Axe. SMS messages may be sent by texting any of the following syntax to 2948: LEXI (to get instructions on how to join) or LEXI CODE (to retrieve the latest code you got from Lexi)
3. Monthly electronic raffle draws will be held at the ARC headquarters on:
a. September 4: 10 iPhones
b. October 2: 10 iPhones
c. November 6: 30 iPhones
4. The iPhone winners will be notified via phone call and notification letter on or before 30 days after the raffle draw when his name was drawn.
5. Prizes are not convertible to cash.
6. To ensure that the selection process is fair, Unilever Philippines, Inc, through its agency ARC, will be monitoring the online registration process and inputting of
promo codes for the entire duration of the promo.
7. Winners will be validated by ARC. To claim his prize, a winner must present two (2) valid IDs with picture (e.g. driver’s license, passport, company/school ID), official notification letter sent via registered mail, and the text message containing the code sent by the Axeonphone system.
8. Winners should claim their prize at the ARC headquarters within the specified
dates indicated in the notification letter; otherwise, this will be forfeited in favor of Unilever.
9. All employees of Unilever, partner agencies, other promo sponsors, and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity and affinity are not qualified to join the said promo.
10. Winners should shoulder the cost of transportation to and from ARC when claiming the prize.
11. In case of disputes, the decision of Unilever Philippines, Inc., in concurrence with BFAD, is deemed final.
12. Unilever shall not be liable for any losses or damages which the winner may sustain in the availment of the prize.
13. Unilever reserves the right, at its discretion, to publish and/or broadcast any winner’s name, address, photo and its likeness, for advertising and publicity purposes, without further compensation to the winner.


I got a call that I won in this axe promo last november 6 final draw, i am still waiting for the notification letter to arrive so i know when and where to claim my iphone.

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