Apr 25, 2010

Credit Card Data Spilled Out By Social Networking Site

In parallel with the technological advancement we have today, are also advancement that restrict and limits out security just like a social networking service Blippy becoming the latest technology firm to be linked to a data leak.

According to a report from technology finance news site Venturebeat, the company was found to have left user credit card details open to search queries. As a result, the site was able to access multiple user credit card numbers.

The report suggested that the social networking site, which allows users to share information on credit card purchases, could yield user data through a targeted Google search.

Shortly after the report was published, Blippy moved to ease user panic on the incident. Co-founder Philip Kaplan said in the official company blog that only four users were actually affected by the disclosure and have been notified. No other users are believed to be at risk.

"We are serious about security and want to assure Blippy users that this was an isolated incident from many months ago in our beta test, and doesn't affect current users," Kaplan wrote.

"While it looks super-scary and is embarrassing to us, it's a lot less bad than it looks."


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