Apr 6, 2010

Note-taking Just Got Quicker With LocaNote Lite 3

"Forget the times when slow rendering engines made note taking on touchscreen phones a jerky affair! LocaNote 3 is so fast that my brain can barely keep up the smoothness of the lines drawn is revolutionary!"

Dr. D. M. Kohrs, resident artist and assistant to the board, might not understand all the technological aspects. But her qualifications as designer make her the ideal judge: if LocaNote can replace her scratchpad, it can definitely do the same for you.
But LocaNote is more than just a stupid drawing pad. It allows you to arrange your notes into folders, which can be browsed flexibly and even more it allows you to search for notes using criteria like first edited, last edited or created on.

In general, LocaNote Lite 3 addresses all customer wishes which we were informed off so far. It provides a stable platform for future development of the product line!

LocaNote 3 is a free update for all customers who currently own a LocaNote license. New LocaNote licenses can be procured off Nokia's Ovi Store for a price of approximately 3 Euros.


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