Apr 11, 2010

Sunday? Customized! Music A Click Away

Once upon a time, you actually had to wait for songs if you wanted to listen to them. In those days, if you loved a song enough, you waited for the next time it popped up on MTV or fiddled with the radio knobs in the hopes of tuning into the right frequency. This was in the dark ages before YouTube and media downloads, of course, the dark ages before the Internet. Those days were sometimes musically bleak, with the occasional MTV Most Wanted request or your favorite radio station's all-request weekend serving as the beacon of light.

Today, there's no such thing. If you can't get the latest Rihanna hit out of your head, all you have to do is go online and download or stream the song. Then we put the song on repeat, hopped up on our MP3 players and on constant rotation everywhere we go. And it's not just the latest Rihanna. We've got everything from Mozart to Morrissey at our fingertips, an "Enter" and a mouse click away.

Nokia takes it one step further, making all your musical needs accessible anywhere and everywhere you go. MusicMix is a music application that allows you to access three of your favorite music sites for free downloadable content: Nokia Indie Artists Club (IAC), the Universal Music Group site and Sonic Boom Philippines. Downloadable and free for your Nokia phone from the Ovi Store, MusicMix is for music fans, which is to say everyone who's ever loved a song.

Thre three music sites split the different musical tastes. For the freshest local indie tracks, go to Nokia IAC and sample and download the next great musical discovery. For your favorite local signed bands, Sonic Boom has some of their biggest tracks, as well as wallpapers of the bands. Finally, Universal Music opens its 2,000-track library for a truly diverse musical experience.

To top it all off, your sound trip doesn't have to end with MusicMix. 45-second tracks are also available for download as ringtones. So instead of a buzz-harshing ring every time your boss calls, you've got your shower song giving you a nudge towards a lighter mood.

The MusicMix is just one of the many applications, games, videos, podcasts, productivity tools, web and location-based services that you can access through the Ovi Store. Your personal media network with a social buying experience, the Ovi Store even delivers smart content recommendations based on user actions, handset and locations.


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