Apr 21, 2010

Travel And Places Wednesday! My World On A Stroke…

My world is a big place to lived! Here are some excerpt images I have collected, I love taking pictures of just about anything using my Nokia N82, ENJOY!

Zamboanga City barrage by Campaign Posters! This was taken in Plaza Pershing, in front of the City Hall. I would have love to see it without those garbage posters, why in the world thus the City government allowed such atrocious act, they totally destroy the parks visage.

Pagadian City Bus Terminal loomed in darkness! It’s not that they were living in a Daybreaker movie scenario where people became vampires and lived through darkness but a blackout craze is plaguing this part of the world! I wonder if this another Moses kind of miracle plaque to free God’s people from the governments corrupt and evil deeds?

Clarin’s Suman Festival 2010 in remark! One of the Sinulog contingent smiling her way for the world to see. See how they feared in the street dance competition HERE.

Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, one of the most prominent landmark in the country's very capital. It created to host the Miss Universe back then and was said to have been finished in just a week leaving a horrific story of buried workers to cover lost time, millions of kickbacks earned by Imelda Marcos, etc.

Dipolog City by the bay, this is part of their long stretch bay park, a well placed relaxation heaven. By night this area is converted to a grill trench with several


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