May 15, 2010

Excerpt From The Recently Concluded Philippine Election 2010

Wow! I've been very busy lately that I haven't updated my blog for almost a week! I have been stripping down the busy lane since election day, aside from tons of things to be done at work, I have been hooked also to monitor the results of the Election both local and national.

For the National post, I'm a volunteer of Noynoy Aquino's yellow army and in my own little way, I was monitoring his votes here in my town. For the local post, I have my elder cousin running as Mayor of Tangub City, her husband, the incumbent Governor running as a Congressman of the Second District of Misamis Occidental and my Uncle running as a Board Member, so we have to monitor all their votes specially Governor Leo's were he is running against incumbent Ozamis City Mayor Aldong Parojinog who was chiding a close fists fight. Well if the family Parojinog was a bit familiar to you, that's because the family name was connected to the infamous and notorious Kuratong Baleleng gang. Imagine how terrifying the scenario was to us, its like streaming between life and death.

But anyways, Governor Leo won by a hairline edging 900 votes more or less against his competitor, Thank God, but two of our candidates lost.

By the way the precinct I voted with was very chaotic and disorganize that it took us 3 hours to cast vote, our PICOS machine was working on average with few incidents of restarts but the bulk of the delay was due to the absence of representatives manning the lines, it was suppose to be a single line but there was no line formed and that voters just squeeze there way in that whoever has the talent to maneuver their way in can vote first. I hope COMELEC will do something about this the next time around, add personnel to man in and out of the precincts or maybe add more PICOS machines to increase number of clustered precincts and cut down the list of voters per precinct.


Ok. here are my thoughts about this one.
My choices for the position was Gordon and Aquino, Sad to say we do not have the same vote. Cause I voted Gordon. But I am still happy on what is the result that Aquino wins. I really do not like ERAP to win.
Also I am in the fast lane that is why it only took me 5 minutes to wait and vote.

Thanks for the info. anyways..

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