May 8, 2010

Excerpts Saturday! And My Votes Goes To?

Time for my Final list for people to vote this Election 2010 folks, I have with me a Sample Ballot given by the local Comelec that is a replica to the Official Ballot and Voter's Guide pamphlet in Visayan language. It was quite a long list, more or less twice by length to that of a legal size bond paper, same weight.

The Ballot will ask for your Name, Address, Precinct Number, Polling Place, Barangay, Mucicipality/City and Province. Their is a space for the Signature of the BEI then rest to be filled up with were the Oval shape of the corresponding candidate. Front Page were for the National post and the Back Page were allotted for the Local post.

Anyways without further a do, here are my complete and final list of candidates to vote, no compromise!

President: 2. Aquino, Benigno Simeon III C. "NOYNOY" (LP)

Vice President: 6. Roxas, Manuel A. "MAR" (LP)

1. Acosta, Jr. Nereus O. "NERIC" (LP)
7. Biazon, Rozzano Rufino B. "RUFFY"(LP)
13. Defensor Santiago, Miriam P. "MIRIAM" (PRP)
14. Drilon, Franklin M. "FRANK" (LP)
19. Guingona, Teofisto III D. "TG" (LP)
20. Hontiveros-Baraquel, Ana "RISA HONTIVEROS" (LP)
23. Lacson, Alexander L. "PINOY" (LP)
26. Lao, Yasmin B. "YAS" (LP)
40. Osmena, Sergio III D. "SERGE" (IND.)
48. Recto, Ralph G. "RALPH" (LP)
51. Roco, Sonia M. "SON" (LP)

Party-List: 58. AKBAYAN

Congressman: 1. Ocampos, Loreto Leo S. "LEO" (LP)

Governor: 2. Paylaga, Francisco Jr. T. "JUN" (NP)

Vice Governor: None

Board Member: 15. Revelo, Elias L. "ELY" (NP)

Mayor: 2. Tagaloguin, Seminarito S. "SEMIE" (LP)

Vice Mayor: None

SB Member:
1. Castro, Mario Chenn T. "DOKI" (PMP)
5. Dula, Cerilo Jr. S. "Boy" (LP)
19. Subrabas, Sr. Alison R. "LOLOY" (PMP)
18. Siao, Herminia C. "DAYAN" (LP)
22. Tagaloguin, Liza R. "LIZA" (LP)

This are non negotiable of course, and I know there have been money flying around the radar as pay off have already started in the Barangay level but my VOTE IS NOT FOR SALE!

UPDATED: 9:33 AM - Well, I have posted earlier that my vote is non negotiable and not for sale but I would give it up in exchange for an N97 Mini, hehe #WinN97Mini c", Nokia for President!


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