May 27, 2010

Fun Thursday Prison Break Season 1 Wrap Up

Among the things that keep me busy lately was my DVD marathon of Prison Break Series, a 2005 TV hit series from Fox Channel. I became a huge fan of this show when it was shown here in the Philippines 4 years ago via Studio 23 together with Alias but I lost track of it during the middle part of the season because I got assigned to do an out of town 6 month job heist. I have no regular TV access during that time because I was always on the move and was never able to catch up.
The series lasted for 4 Seasons but only Season 1 was shown here, I did promised back then that I will find a way to watch this program full hand in the future and it did came, I was able to bumped to a complete season DVD of the TV Series and started the longest DVD marathon so far in my entire existence, 2 months of swirling and dibbling to an almost 3500 hours of view time, imagine that for a feat. I did make sure that I could squeeze in at least 2 episodes every night and 4 hours during weekends.

The Season 1 was my most favorite of them all or should I say it was the only season that really got the jest, the never ending thrill, the superb brilliance of one of the character, the almost to impossible to beat scenario, the conspiracy that involves powerful people, the blooming and tragic love story, the harsh reality of prison life, the very interesting characters, the twist and turn, etc. It was like you have no other choice but to watch and follow the story episode by episode, bit by bit and you don’t want to miss anything in between.

Funny because there was even a time when I deliberately took an AWOL from my work just to watch the next episode, you just can't stop watching because it will excite you to death if you don’t. I would rather not earn anything that day than miss the next episode. c”,

The most exciting part of the Season, everything! The most heartwarming, during the day of Lincoln’s execution, and when Dr. Sarah Tancredi choose her demise for the Truth and her Love for Michael. She put her life, her family’s reputation and standing at stake out of Love. Hmmm, I think I know somebody who can do that for... Love. c”,

Of course I will not share everything to you, it would be best if you have no idea how the story went on but it was a hell like no other and I encourage everyone to watch it via DVD.


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