Jun 24, 2010

Nokia N82, Then and Now

July 28, 2008, 09:00 am, +8GMT, Nokia Store – SM Mall of Asia, I brought my precious Nokia N82 for Php21,000.00, it was by then one of the high end phones in the market, one of the best value, all powerful yet not so pricey, even in this regard it still by then the most expensive stuff I have brought for myself.. between then and now, nothing have change much.

Between then and now, N82 is still my primary phone of use, I have owned and tried several phones from the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, E75, N97 Mini to E72 yet they weren’t really able to surpass the handiness and usefulness of N82, for instance, when it comes to camera, nobody from the mentioned devices can stand against the later with its all power Xenon Flash. When it comes Operating System (OS), Symbian 60 have not change that much then and now, S60v3 feature pack 1 (N82) is not far different from the S60v3 feature pack 2 (E75, E72), they almost have the same features and applications except that the later have matured and are now very stable. The S60v5 (5530 XpressMusic, N97 Mini) even have the same features and applications except that it was converted to a touch technology. N82 even have 3D graphics accelerator to boast against the new breeds making the phone more usable for gaming.

The Nokia N82 also had the best GPS receiver of them all. I haven’t remembered locking my position on N97 Mini or E72, well, maybe because I’m using trial units but with E75 where I was given a store ready unit, it was difficult, hopefully it wasn’t just a setting problem or maybe my unit was just defective.

Between now and then, I could still say that N82 remains one of the high end phones, though its price have dropped to about a Php13,000 nowadays, the usability and feature is still high end making it the unbeatable best value smartphone.
Between now and then, it was still the most expensive stuff I have brought for myself. I just couldn’t buy expensive stuff anymore not unless the price can surpass its usability. It is I think one of the most valuable lessons that I learned from being an N82 owner, becoming wise and conscious of the things I’m buying, outsmarting companies and giving value to the money I earned.

As of the moment, my N82 has an aging cover, the sliver coat on the DPAD have been totally erase, the camera housing at the back is slowly getting there, my screen cover and battery cover have scratches but its usability have not faltered, it is still the best phone to use, then, now and maybe forever.


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