Jun 2, 2010

Several Teaser Videos For N8!

Few more teaser video came out for N8 showing its cool features! Nokia want to make it sure that N8's growing legions of fans will be kept abreast with excitement until its release date in August worldwide. I myself is a huge fan of the phone and this conundrum of videos makes me go crazy waiting.

Coolest among the teasers was of course the HD video sampler of N8's 12MP camera showing a fierce Foosball match. It was the phones best video sampler yet showing its supreme capability. If it was indeed taken using the N8, then making a full length film is achievable.

A video overview of N8 also came out showing its Operating System, Web Browser, Maps among other feature. The video shows how fast and smooth Symbian^3 was, it was far more superior than the current Symbian OS. I can't wait to see how it feels like using a multitouch technology, it seemed so cool to watch.

Interesting isn't it? Looking forward to more videos specially video reviews! Yum!


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