Jul 13, 2010

Business Loop, Another Business Friendly Package From Globe Telecom

Remember my feature article about Globe Business Starter plan, Globe Telecom created another affordable package for Business Enterprises under their Negostar program dubbed Business Loop, a package that offers unlimited call for only PhP99 per month. Impossible as it is but this package is real and can be enjoyed by enterprising Filipinos all over the country.
The plan basically creates a Loop or Group that registers all preexisting Globe Postpaid and Prepaid numbers under one flagship account where each of the registered member enjoys unlimited call service within the Loop. If the registered business loop member calls numbers outside the loop, they will be charge regularly. All SMS messages sent within or outside the loop will also be charge regularly. Each registered number pays PhP99 monthly with a 3 month lock in period.

Preexisting postpaid and prepaid numbers have requirements to be able to enjoy the unlimited call service. Postpaid account number must be active within the 300 or more Plan bracket while the prepaid number must have PhP500 reserved load. For prepaid, going below 500 load will discard the unlimited call service and will be diverted to regular call and text charging even within the business loop.

A bit complicated package here compared to the Business Starter plan but will best suite big organizations with 2 or more branch being the cheapest option to stay connected and those businesses whose targeted members doesn’t want to change currently used contact numbers. If I am to be asked, I would rather choose the
Business Starter Plan than Negostar being cheaper and less bothersome.
Requirements for the plan include a Business and DTI permit, Income Tex Return and valid ID of the owner. Visit Globe Business Center to apply.


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