Jul 6, 2010

A Lesson Learned! Does Your Nokia Phone Need Repair?

Never have your Nokia phone fixed to a non certified Nokia Service centers!

Two weeks ago, I tweeted about my beloved Nokia N82's unfortunate fate brought about by my war freak niece. Well, she just stepped on the phone intentionaly while it was on the floor face down weighing heavily on the camera cover part that send a crack on the adjacent screen beneath. She was remarkably heavy by the way being "fat" so it was inevitable and she was also by the way responsible for the breaking my HTC Tanager 3 years ago, imagine that for a feat.

Anyways, I went to Cagayan de Oro to have it fixed. Nokia price the repair for 2Thousand and set a week or two schedule but since the city is very far from my place, 6 hour travel the most, I dont have other phones to use and I dont have the luxury of time, I took it to a nearby cellphone repair shop which tag the whole repair for 1,300 and set only an hour to fixed. Without any doubt, I choose the repair shop to handle it and in return, put a non original LCD screen that exudes a less colorful and less transflective result.

It was disgusting to be honest because I cant see the screen in a broad daylight unlike before, the screen color is less attractive and watching video is a pain in the eye due to scattered light! Incredibly aghast and utterly stupid on my part.

Now I dont want anybody else fixing my Nokia phones except certified Nokia Service Center pepz no matter how expensive or time consuming they are, at least they can give the best repair services possible.

Learn from my mistakes folks! Go Certified!


Where in CDO is the Nokia Repair Store?

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