Aug 13, 2010

Nokia Messaging and Smart Syncing Perfectly

If there is a single reason why I can’t totally chide away from Smart, it is because they are the most Nokia friendly telecom company in the country. They are exclusively offering the Nokia Messaging, a top notched push email service that allows on time delivery of email directly to a messaging capable Nokia phones.
I have just learned via email that Nokia and Smart has an on-going promotion that gives unlimited push email service for a month by just creating and activating a Nokia Messaging account. I supposed this is different from the promotion that I featured yesterday because that covers unlimited push email for only a week. Yup, confusing I know! c”,

For the past two days that I’m using the service, so far my phones Messaging and Smart have been singing good tune together, I have not encounter any problem with syncing or load reduction thus confirming that it is indeed FREE. My emails arrived on time without a hitched, though I found out that my erase messages on the phone was not reflected on the Ovi Mail site.

Syncing also takes up battery life as the service access the internet to search for new mails. The 3G/GPRS connect sign is always indicated all throughout. The service is only good for one email account only which means that if you have several registered email on your Nokia Messaging account, only the main email will enjoy the push service while the rest will be updated manually. Manual update would use a data service thus reducing your current load. Please be guided in here. It would be best to update manually via WIFI and just leave the push email service to one email account.

Anyways, this is a great service no less, I know I will enjoy this being a blogger who constantly check emails for the latest stuffs going on, this is the future of connectivity, the best no less so grab the opportunity and be in the zone!


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