Sep 10, 2010

Meet the Nokia N8 Unboxers!

Nokia just release an innovative and revolutionary interactive Unboxing videos of the highly anticipated Nokia N8 superphone and it’s not just any other boring videos, nonetheless, the best of them all trumping every other unboxing videos currently being posted on youTube at the moment. It’s a given fact that unboxing videos were such a big hit in nowadays and for Nokia to utilize this is a sheer genius! So why did I not think about this before? Aahh…

Meet Brenda, a beautiful, cool and sweet girl who wants to share all stuffs inside the box of her Blue suede Nokia N8, teaching a bit on its uses and sharing crunchy tidbits of the phones power specs. Beware of the dimples and cute smile, its delirious… Bingo! The earbud earphone is a big revelation here, thank you Nokia for listening! I have been barging Nokia to choose an Earbud type earphone on their phones like in the longest time. :)

Hello people of the earth, meet Ryan, an Asian guy who is undeniably geek, showing off his shiny Black Nokia N8! He attempted to be funny and failed but at least he was able to make me realize something, comedy and geekness doesn’t jive so I cannot be a comedian… ever! (Dream, Broke!) :(

Olah, meet Suzy! She says she’s hot.. sizzzling hot and I couldn’t agree more! She showed a luscious Green Nokia N8 which also happened to be my color of choice. This would only mean that we have something in common and where compatible and life in harmony is ahead of us if she becomes my wife! She has to know this! Haha! c”, Anyways, enjoy the video folks!

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