Sep 26, 2010

Movie Madness: BURIED

Been stripping along the movie trailers on youTube and found this thriller movie that has a unique story and plot, Buried that stars Ryan Reynolds.

The story revolves around a truck driver and family man, Paul Conroy who woke up BURIED ALIVE in an old wooden coffin. Not knowing who might have put him there or why, his only chance to escape from this nightmare is a cell phone. Poor reception, battery and lack of oxygen are his worst enemies in a race against time: Paul has only 90 minutes to be rescued.

Isn't that a thrill of a lifetime? c", I was wondering though why he still has a signal 6 feet below, and why is he using an old school Blackberry phone? Anyways, its definitely a good movie to look forward to.

Buried Teaser Trailer


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