Sep 14, 2010

Nokia World 2010 London, Will it Shocked or Frustrate?

Good Heavens/Bloody Hell Mate, Nokia World 2010 London is up in about 6 hours! I suppose the mobilephone enthusiasts, developers, bloggers and competitors are pretty excited now as to what Nokia will offer. I am, excited, a bit, well knowing the leaks and hearsay's going around before the event, its subtle to think that I already knew a big part of it.

Say, the E7 will be introduce, the Symbian^3 powered QWERTY phone with 1GHz processor and 8MP camera, the C7, another Symbian^3 phone with 8MP camera, a cut down version to the expensive Nokia N8, Symbian^4 and Meego teaser videos, the fighting back theme, the Ovi Music which incorporates Music store to Ovi, etc. Its like foiled surprises which would have been avoided if and only if Nokia took the necessary precautions.

I am optimistic thought that the event will be huge and will induce excitement back to Nokia. I am hoping that they will introduce and enhance more services to a worldwide scale like Ovi payment system, maybe Ovi games with live community picking up the remnants of the NGage service, Ovi Movies, another version of Ovi files (the hip, easy and cool one), Ovi TV (DVBH-like), etc.

Far out expectation, integration of a live wallpaper on Symbian^3 and 3D graphic effects on the interface, Windows 7 on the music oriented X Series bulging up the intuitive Zune UI taking to the account that the new Nokia CEO comes from Microsoft, Green phones that defies expectation with state of the art design, phones with screen display that goes beyond Super AMOLED of Samsung and iPhone's Retina Display, etc. Phew! that's a lot to wish for but I'm crossing my finger. Surprise us Nokia!


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