Sep 23, 2010

Ovi-fied, A Nokia Ovi Experience!

Ovi-fied, from the root word “Ovi “which means Nokia Outstanding Services“and” fied, the post tense of certified, which means real… could also mean terrified, magnified, etc., depending on the unique experience the user have undergone… more or less terrifying, if I am to be asked and yes, thank you for asking!

For the past few weeks, Ovi Blog have been hosting a game called Ovi-fied where it sends Ovi Stickers to its readers around the world who can think of a genius and unique idea as to where this stickers can be posted. I took my shoot and the stickers went on my way. A big hug and kiss to the beautiful Niini, thank you!

So what was my genius idea all about?

c”, Yes, sticking the sticky sticker on my sunglasses making it the very first sunglass in the world that puts a word on the lens, the very first hyper cool, super stylish, head turner eyewear that shouts with fancy. (I should take this design to the IRC for an intellectual right protection!) ;)

As I mentioned earlier, I have a terrifying Ovi-fied experience because of the attention I got after wearing the sunglass in public. I haven’t met anyone that didn’t stare at me eye to eye with a mix of amazement, shock, confusion and ridicule and it was a major major blassst! It clearly spoke a bold style statement giving people no choice but to react either positively or strangely and it was terrifyingly fun! I am encouraging anyone to try this! c”,

Aside from my Sunglasses, I also Ovi-fied my Laptop…

Our gate wall which I now call the Ovi Wall of Fame…

The Public Utility Trisikad that I took on the way to work…

And my sisters small convenient shop which can now be literally called the Ovi Store! That was my niece over there and it was her idea putting the Ovi Sticker on the glass cabinet making her mother mad because it blocked the view of the stuffs there selling inside, cute!

Anyways, if you want to be Ovi-fied, head over to the Ovi Blog and tell Niini that she’s beautiful and sexy so she would send you one! Kidding! ;)

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