Sep 2, 2010

Save, Sell and Partake for Nokia N8!

Definitely not a public service call in line with making a difference to the world but more of wanting to help the people who will seek help through this blog that I have to look for every possible options so I can buy the most powerful and well rounded phone in the mobilephone world, the Nokia N8. Curious? Read on!

First and foremost, who wouldn’t want to own the very first Symbian^3 running phone that tags along a 12MP Carl Ziess camera, Xenon Flash, HD video recording, HDMI support, Dolby Surround sound support, tons of services add-ons, etc., wrapped on a gorgeous, non destructible anodized aluminum case? It’s like every tech/photo bloggers dream phone coming true!

Secondly, who wouldn’t want to own a phone that holds the tool to the future survival of my blog? At the moment, I need the N8’s spunk to impress so it can reawaken my passion to write for the blog. One of the very reasons why I created it was because I was so impressed with my N82 that I want it to share to the world.

Now I need to have that same spark and I believe N8 can give me one. I also need the phones camera to share more images and videos, not the fussy video that I use to share with my readers but a video with HD quality specially that I have decided to level up my blogging and integrate more videos. The 5MP of N82 on the other hand gave me good images in the past but it’s not anymore the best at the moment.

So it has to fall in the slogan, Save, Sell and Partake for Nokia N8, it’s now or never!

Save! I have already started saving for this phone. For instance, my daily budget have been slashed to half, like I don’t take snacks in the morning and afternoon anymore and that I started to go for veggies instead of meat as viand being cheaper. I also remove desserts and softdrinks on my daily meal routine and instead go for water. At least all this moves would help me reduce weight, yes,like in the longest time that I have been planning to change my lifestyle and live a healthy well balance life, it became a perfect opportunity for me to start. I also refrained from going out during weekends since it carve almost all of my salary and would rather stay home and bond with my family. Thought not that I have a big salary to spend but at least I can spare a bit. c”,

Sell! Since I am moving forward, I will now have to let go of the past and this very much applies to my beloved N82, I have decided to sell it so it can add up. I’m have already scouted for buyers, hopefully I can find a good deal. I am also planning to sell other stuffs that I don’t used ala garage sale to raise more fund.

Partake! I am now starting to bet every lottery that I knew off so I can win cash. Mega Lotto, Super Lotto, Last 3, Jueteng, Swetres, etc., name it I will bet for it. As desperate as it may seemed but I have no choice but bet for a greater cause (?!). Winning lottery would definitely solve my problem. (For Pinoys, do you have “hearing” numbers, please let me know, haha!)

Funny as it may seem but in the scheme of life, state of geekiness and a shared goal, satisfaction and belief. It’s Nokia N8 or never for me!


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