Oct 5, 2010

On Defense Mode For Nokia N8

Now that the Nokia N8 is officially shipped and sold in some countries, it will be best to activate defense mode not by Nokia since they are confident enough that the phone will give a positive impression and definitely not against bias review comparison of Gizmodo, Engadget or Eldar Murtazin's but by owners who will be hurdled with endless possibilities of accidental device abused. Nokia N8 owners will now be on the look for the best possible defense that will protect their precious device.

Well, the phone is very much scratch resistant having an anodized aluminum case but definitely not drop resistant.

Few recommendations:

A silicon cover that will serve as a second skin to the phone. Being silicon, it will definitely lower the impact caused by fall or increase phones grip. Nokia made its very first silicon case, the Nokia CC-1005 (left images inset),it is currently being sold for PhP340.00($7.8). I believe this is not available yet in the country but locally made silicon cases starts to prop up like the right inset image. It is being sold for PhP399 at the moment.

A Flip type case could also help, image inset is locally manufactured and currently being sold in Philippines. It is made up of leather with plastic holder neatly woven beneath. I've used this type of cover and its definitely helps a lot in securing the phone. It is currently being sold for PhP449 on eBay.ph. By the way, you should refrain from using the a magnitized flip covers because it will impair the phones signal. My Nokia 2330 Classic stayed at the Nokia Care for a week due to this reason.
An Anti-Glare screen protector can also be brought, it is said to protect the phone from a harsh, bright and dazzling light. It will also protect the phones screen from dust, scratching, scraping and abrasion. I'm not really sure how this works specially that Nokia N8 is capacitative and needs a little bit of palm moisture to respond to taps but anyways, let me know it this works, okay! c", This is currently being sold for PhP299.00.


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