Oct 13, 2010

Who is Pier Roxas? Lost Guy With A Nokia N8 Needs Your Help

An infomercial came out on TV lately about a guy who was seemed lost around the skirts of Manila and was asking for help. A phone number was then flash on the screen (09189039000) begging anyone who has an idea as to what happen to him to contact.

Here are the scenario

1. He woke up on a pier on Roxas Boulevard
2. A deep bruise on the right side of his face
3. A lipstick smudge on his collar
3. His wallet was missing
4. A parking ticket
6. A key he don't recognize
7. A Smart Gold Sim
8. Nokia N8 w/ no contacts left

Hhmmm, seemed pretty exciting to me! I will definitely figure this out and help Pier since my surname is spelled Help and I have a psychic power like Professor X, please don't tell anyone! ;) Anyways if you want to know more info's about Pier, CLICK HERE!


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