Jan 7, 2011

The Promising Endless Possibility of Nokia Big Screen

Turn your phone into a carry-it-all tool you can connect to your TV for easy media sharing!

On Beta testing, the Nokia Big Screen gives a magnified new media player user interface for sharing favorite mobile content on any high-definition television screen.

With Nokia Big Screen, you can:

* Show your photos and videos in high definition on your TV screen
* Listen to music from your phone on your home audio system
* View song lyrics in karaoke style and watch videos with subtitles
* Play music on the background while you browse your photos
* Enjoy a photo slideshow with music of your choice (change the direction with left/right arrow keys)
* Screen saver activates after a minute's idle time to protect your TV
* Use your phone as an entertainment hub you can take everywhere with you

This is something BIG for Nokia because of the endless possibilities that this kind of applications could be use into, like connecting the phone to a 3D television eyeglass and let users navigate their phone via the said medium. Users wont need to turn their head down when using their phone but held them up high in any direction or position they wanted it to be. Kudos to the brilliant mind behind this application!

Note! This application is provided for personal use of legally obtained content only.

Once you've installed Nokia Big Screen on your phone, just connect the phone to your TV with an HDMI cable and the application opens automatically. Use the application from the phone touch display or by wirelessly connecting a Bluetooth keyboard or Wii Remote to your phone.

Head over to the Nokia Beta Labs to Download!


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