Mar 14, 2011

Nokia E7, The First Imprint

It’s business! Stern and resolute when being stared, intense and powerful when being held in the hand, that’s how I describe my first encounter with the phone. It has a very solid surface cover in its anodized aluminum case and Gorilla glass front display giving a remarkable impression that the phone could never go wrong.

Opening the phone to bring out the physical QWERTY is another story, the sliding mechanism to me isn’t as savvy and comfortable like the Nokia E75 experience where I literally won’t care if I slide the phone strongly or not. But don’t get me wrong here, it’s a sturdy mechanism that could stand ground that I would regard it as one of the best to date, it’s just that I’m a bit uncomfortable with how it’s done, maybe it needs a little time to get use to. The tilting angle is great, its very comfortable to see the screen when held with open keyboard.

Going down to the keypad… it’s almost perfect. I could say that its the best physical QWERTY keypad I’ve tried so far, that’s how great it was. The keys were well space and well place that when you need a certain character or perform a tasks for the matter, it’s comfortably situated where you wanted them to be, best example, the back, space and enter keys. It even took me few minutes to get used to it; again, that’s how good the keypad was. Tactile feedback is fine but I was expecting a more click-y one though like the E72 or E71 but then again as I mentioned earlier, it’s almost perfect.

The phones dimension is just manageable, I have a typical smallish Asian hand so its wide dimension is a little uncomfortable to use in one hand. The weight is just enough, its not heavy when being held and its not lightweight rather.

Last but not the least, the screen, its 4 inch AMOLED screen with Clear Black Display technology is just gorgeous, it’s like peaking on the real thing, ambient, colorful and lively. The black is deep and intense and I like it a lot, lot. The screen is very sensitive that even a hover of the palm could register a click, very impressive.

Oh well, this will be all for now folks, just a first impression/teaser article, my daily chronicle will be up for the next few days detailing my every discovery of the phone, dissecting and examining every angle of it, no holds barred! My full review of the device will follows in a week’s time, as for now I will enjoy the phone extremely as possible.

For the meantime, enjoy these first few snaps of the Ultimate Business Smartphone!


Nokia is one of the my favorite company and I use it's N 72 model.

My sister bought the Nokia E7 phone and I got a chance to test it . It's take a minute to get the feel of it, it's just like any other smart phone except for the added features which can come in handy for those laptop lovers.

@samsung tablet pc

I think you should upgrade your phone, N72 is already considered vintage, I suggest you buy E7, a very worthy upgrade.

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