Apr 19, 2011

Face Contacts on Ovi Store

Does your Nokia phone have a bland Contact lists with just names and numbers of your friends or acquaintances, then it’s time to make it lively and fun by adding pictures on it fast and easy with Face Contacts, an application that lets you port your friends or acquaintances current Facebook profile picture and add it to your phones contacts.

Porting them is as simple as eating, just follow the following steps:
1. First open the Facebook app.
2. On the entry page, click “Options”
3. Click on the “Refresh friends list” tab, this will take you to a facebook log in page.
4. Fill up your log in details , press log-in, it will connect to facebook and download your friends profile pictures. It will populate the entry page with the name of your Facebook contacts.
5. Click a friend’s name once to highlight it
6. Click “Options”
7. Click the “Match friend” option, this will open your phones contacts
8. Look for your friends name on the list and click it one. The download of image starts and you’re done! Easy! Now you will have all the pictures you need to adorn your contact lists.

The application is FREE but you will be prompted with a link to open an advertisement, well if you’re connected to WIFI, please feel free to click it, it’s the only way to support developers who have been working hard to bring this application to users.

So what are you waiting for, your just a click away to having the best phone contacts experience on your Nokia phone. CLICK HERE!


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